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Teens playing giant Chinese Checkers at the library

Library Cards
Any teen living in Ouachita Parish can receive a library card. With their very own library card, teens can check out books, CDs, and magazines. You can even check out manga, graphic novels, and comic books. Teens ages 17 and older can also check out DVDs and art prints. Teens can also access any of our online resources for free with a library card.

Parents or guardians will need to fill out an application for the teens under the age of 17. The parent will need to show proof of identification (like a driver's license) and proof of address (like a delivered piece of mail). Parents are financially responsible for the teen's library card, should any fines accumulate. Teens ages 17 and older are financially responsible for their own cards.

CloudLibrary offers e-books and e-audiobooks for all ages, including thousands of YA titles. Click here to access CloudLibrary.

Homework Louisiana
Homework Louisiana is a free, online tutoring resource. From 2 p.m. - midnight every day, real, live tutors are available for more than 60 subjects. Tutors can also give feedback on essays, and help you with job resumes. Plus, you can prep for the ACT and SAT via Homework Louisiana. Click here to access Homework Louisiana.

Freegal Music
Access millions of songs across various music genres for free with your library card. Click here to access Freegal Music.

Hoopla gives you access to movies, TV shows, msuci, e-books, and audiobooks for free with your library card. Click here to access Hoopla.

Louisiana Practice Driving Tests
Before you get your license, practice your driving test online for free with your library card. Click here to access the free practice driving tests.

LearningExpress Library
LearningExpress Library offers ACT, SAT, and career prep for free with your library card. Click here to access LearningExpress Library.

Access e-books, audiobooks, graphic novels and more on TeenBookCloud. Click here to access TeenBookCloud.

World Book Student
Access reliable sources for all your research needs in World Book Student. Plus, World Book Student offers a citation builder. Click here to access World Book Student, or the general World Book.

Each of the ten branches offers various fun and educational programs for all age groups. These programs range from arts and crafts, STEAM activites, and life skills classes. Click here for our program calendar.

Summer Reading Challenge
The Ouachita Parish Public Library holds the summer reading challenge every year for all ages. The summer reading challenge is fun, free, and educational. Click here for details on how to register for summer reading.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ouachita Parish Public Library is to advance literacy, inspire lifelong learning, and strengthen our community by serving everyone in Ouachita Parish.


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