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Library Cards

Who can get a library card?
Anyone who lives or works in Ouachita Parish

What do I need to get a library card?
Proof of identity
  • Current driver's license (from any state)
  • Current state-issued ID (from any state)
  • Current military ID
  • Current passport (from any country)
Proof of address
  • Current, postmarked piece of mail addressed to yourself
  • Printed checkbook with both name and current address
  • Auto registration with name and current address
  • Voter registration with name and current address
  • Report card with name and current address
  • Current lease agreement
Proof of employment in Ouachita Parish (if you do not live in Ouachita Parish)
  • Recent check stub with your name and company name
  • Photo work ID
Children and teens ages 16 and under must have a parent or legal guardian register the card for them. You are responsible for any and all materials checked out on your library card. If your library card is lost or stolen, immediately report it to the library. 

Trailblazer Cards
Trailblazer Cards give you access to books in all libraries in the Trailblazer parish system. If you live in another parish, you may be eligible to receive a Trailblazer card that will allow you to check out books from the Ouachita Parish Public Library. To receive a Trailblazer card, you must first apply for a library card in your home parish. Then, you must receive a Trailblazer card from your home parish. 

Check Out Limits
All library cards have a maximum of 30 items checked out at any one time, unless otherwise noted. Children, Teen, and Trailblazer cards are unable to check out DVDs and artwork.
  • Books and VHS: 30 items per card
  • DVDs: 10 items per card (adults only)
  • Books on CD, music CDs, and magazines: 5 items per card
  • Art prints: 2 items per card (adults only)
Loan periods
  • Art prints: 6 weeks
  • Books, audiobooks, and music CDs: 3 weeks
  • Past magazine issues (current magazine issues not available for check out): 2 weeks
  • DVDs and VHS: 1 week
Our Mission

The mission of the Ouachita Parish Public Library is to advance literacy, inspire lifelong learning, and strengthen our community by serving everyone in Ouachita Parish.


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