What kinds of movies are you in the mood for? We’ve picked some of the best in each genre to get you started.

Action/Adventure   ⚜    Comedy   ⚜    Crime/Mystery   ⚜    Documentaries   ⚜    Drama   ⚜    Epics   ⚜    Family   ⚜    Horror   ⚜    Musicals   ⚜    Sci-Fi   ⚜    Sports   ⚜    World Cinema

Arts and Culture
Art, artists, dancers, fashion designers, photographers, writers
Functional and dysfunctional, families that farm, families that come together and families that fall apart
Humans Can Be Terrible
Child abuse, cults, dictators, genocide... heavy stuff.
Humans Can Be Wonderful
Amazing achievements by chefs, explorers, and other champions. Athletes who never give up. We’ve even got Mister Rogers.
Our Amazing Planet
Marvel at the diversity of life on Planet Earth with a selection of the most eye-pleasing nature videography you’ve ever seen.
Revolutions, revelations, and the people who are in the room where it happens. (Sorry, Hamilton isn’t a documentary.)

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