The Ouachita Parish Public Library has meeting rooms at all library buildings.  These rooms are dedicated first to library-sponsored meetings.  If the library is not using the rooms, they may be booked by organizations in the following classifications: organizations of a cultural, educational, historical, altruistic, religious, fraternal, professional, horticultural, hobby or similar nature.  These are all subject to the approval of the Library Director. 

To use the meeting rooms, applications must be made in advance of the meeting date. An application form may be obtained from any branch. 

Meeting rooms are to be made available to all.  No single group may dominate any room, as meeting rooms are not intended to be permanent or long-term meeting places which would restrict access of others.  Therefore, a group may book a meeting room once per month, system-wide, for four months in advance, and thereafter may be preempted by another group wishing to use the room on a one-time basis with one month’s notice.  The library has priority with regard to use of the meeting rooms. With one month’s notice, any group may be moved or re-scheduled should a room be needed by the library. Groups wishing to use the meeting room must seek prior approval through the Director for room use, as well as any PR materials to be used about the meeting held on library property.

Only adults may book meeting rooms.  If teenagers or children are to be present, an adult must be responsible, in charge of, and present during the entire meeting.

The meeting rooms may not be used for commercial purposes where merchandise is sold but may be used for instruction and education of personnel.  Groups using the rooms may not charge an admittance fee.

The Library Director may consider each application on its own merits, i.e., governmental agencies.

General Instructions

Meetings held must not be allowed or disallowed solely on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, language proficiency, social or economic status, provided the meeting falls into the category of approved type of organization. 

Meetings of a disorderly or noisy nature will not be allowed.

Organizations renting the rooms must not give the impression in their publicity or signage the library is sponsoring the meeting.  If this occurs, the organization will be notified.  A second offense is grounds for refusal to rent the room in the future.  

The Ouachita Parish Public Library is not responsible for the opinions and beliefs of organizations using the meeting rooms.  Allowing a group or club to use the room in no way entails sponsorship of the organization or meeting.                  

If a group or an organization damages the room or causes damage to the library building, the organization and applicant shall be responsible for payment of repairs. Groups or clubs that abuse meeting rooms or that do not comply with library rules and policies will be denied further use of the rooms on the recommendation of the Library Director to the Board of Control.

Copies of this policy shall be given to each group or person who applies for use of the room.


Fees for the use of the room are:

  • Use of meeting room: $15
  • Room with AV equipment: $20
  • Room with kitchen: $45
  • Room with kitchen and AV equipment: $50

All fees must be paid before access to and use of the room.


Coffee or tea may be prepared in Library kitchens/kitchenettes. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be served or consumed on lLbrary premises. Other refreshments must be prepared before being brought to the Library. If the kitchen has an oven/stove, it may not be used.  


The Library is not responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the room.

No meeting room equipment is to be loaned for use outside the Library. This applies to all other Library equipment and furniture.

Louisiana State Fire Marshal Capacity of Meeting Rooms

Groups which expect to have a larger attendance than the approved capacity should not book the room. If the room exceeds the approved capacity, the Director is authorized not to rent to the group again.

Library Sponsored Meetings

Meetings sponsored by the Library, such as story hours, book reviews, etc., shall be open to all citizens of the parish.  At the Director’s discretion, authors may sell their works in connection with signings or programs sponsored by the Library or Friends of the Library.

Conference Rooms

Small groups may use conference rooms.  The conference rooms may be reserved when they are not being used for library purposes.  No more than fifteen people may use the conference room at the Main Library and no more than twelve people at the Ouachita Valley Branch. Arrangements must be made in the same way as booking for the larger meeting rooms.  The charge for use of the conference rooms at Main and Ouachita Valley is $15.00.  

Study Rooms

Some branches have small study rooms available on a first come, first serve basis.  They may not be reserved for any individual or group.  The rooms are limited by size.  Ask the branch manager for group size limit for that branch.  All patron conduct rules apply.  Any group that is disruptive or breaking policy may be asked to leave or may be prohibited from room use.

Piano Recitals

Music teachers or university music majors may book the Louis Lock Room of the Main Branch or the Mrs. Josephine McClendon Faulk Room of the Ouachita Valley Branch for piano recitals under the following conditions:

  1. The recital must be given at the hours specified for regular meetings.
  2. The total of performers and audience shall not be more than 100 people.
  3. A fee of $25.00 shall be charged for the use of the room and the piano. This includes one practice session.
  4. If refreshments are served, the fee will be $30.00.
  5. The teacher is responsible for seeing that the performers do not roam around the library and disturb library patrons.
  6. An application must be made to the library director for each recital planned.
  7. All rules and regulation in the original policy are to be observed.

Music clubs with adult sponsors may book these rooms. The Library director will determine charges.